Our Services

Partners Logístics Peru S.A.C, is responsible for advising and maintaining clear communication, providing all customers with specialized attention and 100% quality service.

It has frequent services of sea, air cargo, export and import, from or to different parts of the world and in the INCOTERMS.

The Maritime Transport is a PREMIUM service in PARTNERS LOGISTICS PERÚ S.A.C .; that currently has worldwide coverage for FCL cargo and consolidated cargo, logistics management of heavy machinery, special packaging and direct downloads. During the last few years, it has stood out for offering business opportunities to the clients, in order to improve the distribution times of the products and the significant savings in the import /export costs.

PARTNERS LOGISTICS PERU S.A.C., has the certification for the transport of international air cargo, which allows you to offer the Import / Export service, hand in hand with the best airlines and most efficient routes; giving the customer speed in the delivery and delivery of the cargo, at any commercial point. In addition, to work with loads of different origins or destinations.

PARTNERS LOGISTICS PERU S.A.C., is part of the "X2 PROJECT", a network of agents dedicated exclusively to cargo transport, project or oversized. Currently, PARTNERS is positioned as an important strategic partner for many companies such as those dedicated to the field of construction and mining, working together in various projects that are carried out on a national level, which highlights the safety and viability in the management of this type of operations.

With PARTNERS LOGISTICS PERU S.A.C., your service agency is in good hands, through specialized advice with the highest efficiency for customs procedures. PARTNERS, performs import, export and transhipment clearance services; thanks to a work team that relies on a platform of last generation systems, in order to meet the information needs of customers.

The Integral Logistic Service (SLI) of PARTNERS LOGISTICS PERU S.A.C., is one of those that has obtained greater growth in recent years. Within the SLI, effective solutions are offered for the needs of the client, by saving investment costs and time in local distribution terms, in addition to providing a door-to-door service. The team of professionals that we have in PARTNERS, is highly trained in fulfilling the requirements of your company.


The services provided by PARTNERS LOGISTICS PERÚ S.A.C., allow global coverage, it is to say we are present in the five continents of the world, providing the best quality of service to domestic and foreign customers. In order to provide confidence, security and effectiveness; through continuous improvement in the handling of cargo operations.